Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to TILT, or Things I Love Thursday! I'm going to take some time each week to share with y'all a little about what's been going on in my life. Things I Love will be a few small things from my life that have made me smile this week, Patterns I Love will be my space to share with the world the patterns that have been catching my eye, and Stories I Love will contain miscellaneous links from around the interwebs that I think are interesting and hope that you do too!

Welcome to the new Hops and Hanks, and welcome to TILT!

Things I Love

Throat Coat Tea ♦ The Calendex hack to the Bullet Journal ♦ These Coconut Chai Cupcakes with Lime Glaze are AMAZING ♦ That I have Nicole around to keep me sane when the internet breaks ♦ Throat Coat Tea (no, really, I love it twice.) ♦ Morning cuddles with my kitties ♦ My new chunky hat that I wear every day ♦ Lovely friends who send me interesting yarn to stick in the microscope ♦ This amazing new website!

Patterns I Love

This week I've been researching stranded colorwork patterns to find something for my lovely Caper Sock yarn. Here's what's catching my eye:

Sonny ♦ Candlesmoke ♦ Night Owl Mittens ♦ Gudrun ♦ Hilltop Cowl ♦ San Telmo ♦ The Woodcarving ♦ The Gates of Moria ♦ Lotus Leaf Mittens ♦ Hot Crossbones Socks

Stories I Love