Things I Love Thursday: Old Masters and Beautiful Scarves

Things I Love

Maybe accidentally designing a sock ♦ I'm going to my first opera on Monday!!! ♦ Still loving Fair Isle Mittens ♦ Sifu's 4 year anniversary party was amazing ♦ Look at these Labyrinth Earrings!!! ♦ Getting to see Silvani last Friday ♦ Delicious truffle burgers ♦ Julie's photo essay has me dreaming of spring ♦ Heart-to-hearts with missed friends ♦ MST3K Birthday Parties ♦ We've almost made it through the first month of 2015! ♦The fact that NASA has taken OVER 100 MILLION photos of the sun: 

Patterns I Love

I decided this week that I would like to knit a gentleman friend of mine a scarf. There aren't many men's scarves out there that I really like the aesthetic of, but the ones that I am drawn to I think are absolutely stunning!

The Cerus Scarf is stunning! People come up with amazing color variations ♦ Dipped Infinity ♦ Noro and Grey ♦ Boardroom ♦ Meadowbrook 

Have you knit any of these scarves? Which one would you pick for a gentleman in your life?

Stories I Love