Things I Love Thursday: Stitchsperation

Things I Love

Receiving a bag of magic in the mail from a good friend! ♦ Nicole's shop is back up on Etsy ♦ I thought I broke my wrist but I didn't! ♦ I'm almost done (tomorrow!) with a grant proposal that's been killing me for months ♦ Restaurant week in Chicago was delicious! ♦ $2 draft Tuesdays (they have Anti-Hero on tap!) ♦ Diving right in to knitting my first handspun project ♦ Planning for the Charity KAL is almost ready! ♦ Nic Cage themed valentines:

Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet and so are AUGH NOT THE BEEEEEEES

Patterns I Love

This week, this is all about how excited I've been getting about designing. Don't worry, I still plan on knitting predominantly other people's patterns (there are so many! and they are so beautiful!) but I've been collecting some stitches and textures that catch my eye over on my Stitchsperation board on Pinterest.

Cobblestone Stitch ♦ All of these amazing cables  Russian cables! ♦ This decadent leaf lace scarf from PurlBee  Diagonal Stitch  Pseudo Herringbone  I love this allusion to 3-dimensions! ♦ Cocoon Me Cowl ♦ Suke-Suke Cowl

Stories I Love

  • Apparently it's video week. Here, take a ride at the speed of light from the Sun to Jupiter: