Things I Love Thursday: Triangular Shawls and Not Dying

Things I Love

Storytime this week: I didn't die. Luckily this has happened for 1,320 weeks so far in my life, but this time the chances of survival were a little bit smaller. You see, I work in a metallurgy lab at my graduate school. Specifically, I work mostly in the hydrogen canopy area of a metallurgy lab. Hydrogen is an extremely flammable gas, and I have taken about a billion precautions to make sure I don't blow myself up on a daily basis, but last night we had a bit of a freak accident. The bottom line is that there was a huge hydrogen leak, but no explosions and no injuries. This is mostly because I have had extensive training on how to deal with situations like this and we had insured the lab was as safe as possible just in case. This whole thing could have ended much worse than it did, and so this week I love planning ahead for potential dangerous incidents and being ready when they do happen.

Patterns I Love

In honor of the release of Josh Ryk's new pattern, Convergent, I thought I'd like to share a few of my favorite triangular shawl patterns of late!

Kelias feels very much simplified-Ryksian, I would love to take this one on!  Gold Rush looks so big and cozy I want one ♦ The Dovetail Shawl is also totally inspiring my love for Mosaic Knitting right now Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn't you love to love her? Willoughby is simple and lovely I love the delicate geometry of the Blooming Shawl Nymphalidea would be amazing with some handspun, no? Slip Sliding Away The black and white version of the Bi-colored Rooster has me drooling I don't know what I love more, the design of Florin Triangle or the yarn used And, of course, a classic by Jared Flood, Rock Island

Stories I Love