Things I Love Thursday: Handspun Happiness!

Things I Love

Handspun yarn, of course! Finishing my second-ever braid for sating my fiber desires  Becoming a Craftsy Affiliate! (more on this later)  Nicole released her newest Supporter Scarf and I LOVE IT  Buy yarn and help kitties in need! I may have just dropped too much money on one skein of yarn for each of my current and past kitties... ♦ I discovered horror comic books and I can't stop ♦ also though Bitch Planet is a new comic series and it's amazing  Tanis Fiber Arts just released an amazing new cardigan pattern and kit  breakfast quesadillas!

Patterns I Love 

This week it's all about finding something to knit with the handspun I finished last night. It's only the second full braid I have finished, but I got 462 yards out of that sucker and I want to make something with it! Here are some pattern ideas I'm tossing around as possibilities for a beautiful, single skein, handspun project.

Joyful Joyful by Megan Williams ♦ Starshower ♦ Moab Shawl ♦ Willoughby ♦ Pebble Beach Shawlette ♦ Nautilis Hat ♦ Fucus Asparagoides Shawl (say that five times fast...) ♦ Annie O'Day

Which would you vote for, given the yarn's color and the fact that it's note quite consistent in weight across the whole skein?

Stories I Love

Chicago-specific alert!